About Us

RVL Group maintains a commitment to its customers by providing a safe and efficient service all year round. Helping achieve those core principles isa team working around the clock to ensure all the cogs fit in to place exactly when it matters most.


Safety is our number one priority which is why we invest heavily in our Safety ManagementSystem and its support team. We have dedicated safety action groups reporting to our ReviewBoard to ensure we are consistently operating safely and providing a duty of care to ourcustomers.


Our Operations Department is manned 24 hrs a day and provides round the clock support to all of our flight operations. From flight planning and logistics to client reporting and crew management, our Operations Officers ensure a constant flow of information is communicated to key departments within the business and to third parties such as Air Traffic Units across the country.


Under its Part 145 Engineering Approval, RVL Group is responsible for maintaining the entire fleet, ensuring that it receives the best possible care whilst minimising disruption to the client. Our team provides 24/7 cover to ensure all of our aircraft are thoroughly inspected and customers receive the best possible service.


Our Airworthiness team is responsible for managing RVL Groups Part M Continuing Airworthiness Approval and our entire aircraft portfolio. With expert planning and regulatory compliance, it provides fleet management support to a wide range of aircraft types and variants.


From accounting to facilities management, our administration team ensures that the business runs smoothly all year around.

Ramp Services

Keeping the aircraft moving on the ground requires highly skilled and trained support staffto ensure they receive fuel and push back 24/7. Our hangar accommodates all of RVL Groups East Midlands based aircraft and we regularly carry out in excess of 2,000 ground movements per month.

Our 2016 services brochure can be found here:

RVL Brochure

Did you know…

RVL operates 11 flights per day purely dedicated to transporting mail across the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands.